Effective online class homework tips

Effective online class homework tips

The purpose of homework is to evaluate a student’s understanding of the concepts learned in class. A student who has no time to do it can ask a professional to take my online class. This proves to be very helpful.

The following are the way it should be done.

  1. Giving what the students know

online classMany teachers fight with homework as they mistake its narrow purpose, which is to be practiced, the students have learned. The teacher should assign homework the students understand and can do themselves.

The skills required to complete the homework must be comprehensively taught during the day in school. If students can’t show that they can do the work without help, then it should not be assigned to them.

It is not good for the students or parents to struggle with the work, figuring out how to do out when it should have been taught in the class.

  1. Not involving the parents

Homework is only between a teacher and the student. Parent should not be part of it. Parents should only be involved when they just want to assist their kids with the homework.it should not be expected of them to help their kids, it’s not a requirement. Otherwise, the handy students should not make excuses not to do the homework.

Holding teachers accountable isn’t a reminder that lessons should be spot on; many parents will appreciate it and make sure the homework is done every evening.

  1. Asking the important question after review

Set some time before the school day ends, to review the given homework. Have some students pulled out the work to be done, to allow them to ask last clarifying problems, and check to ensure they have all they need.by asking the students if there is anyone who cannot do the work will help find out what to expect from the students the following day.There are two reasons for this question.

First, the more influence you have with learners, they respect and admire you, the more theydislike disappointing you. This can be a greatreason for students to do the work.

Second, it’s important to eliminate every excuse so that the only answer students can give for not doing it is that they just didn’t care. This sets up the confrontation strategy you’ll be using the next morning.

Making sure the students do the homework.

Students will never learn if they never think for themselves and making mistakes. Teachers can help by giving suggestions to give the directions to help in.

Case study assignment writing help

Case study assignment writing help

Case study writing is a form of writing that involves analyzing and referring to real occurrences to understand and explain a research question. A researcher is required to identify an event that happened before and that is relevant to their research question thus needing assignment help. They then study the event and draw conclusions and predictions based on the event.

assignmentThe first step in case study writing is to present the topic of interest or the research question. In this step the researcher explains the purpose of their research and briefly shows their audience what they intend to draw from the situation {case} they have chosen to study.

The next step for a researcher is to identify the event that they will be analyzing ion the assignment. Based on the research question, the researcher should pick a situation that is relevant, easy to explain and preferably relatable to their target audience. In the event that the researcher chooses to refer to more than one event, the cases should be almost similar and easy to compare.

The next step is to lay out the situation or case to be studied. The researcher may begin by presenting the situation from the present then going into its background. For instance, in a case study assignment of poor economies in various countries, the researcher may start by portraying the current economic states of these countries and then pointing out the events that led up to the economic decline in these countries.

The researcher is required to put down all the information about the case and to ensure that the important details are immediately clear to their audience. The audience should be able to begin drawing conclusions about the topic of interest if the case is drawn up effectively.

The next step is picking out the main points in the case. The case study analysis should now answer the research question and help the researcher to draw research conclusions. In this step the researcher should show how relevant the case study is to their research topic.

The final step in case study writing often involves drawing up conclusions. However, the writer may also decide to let their audience come up with their own conclusions.In the case that the writer intends to present a positive aspect in the case studied, they may show how handling a matter similar to how it was handled in the case studied would be advantageous. On the other hand, if the writer intends to show how the case studied had negative consequences they may use this as a cautionary measure to their audience.

Legit Essay Helper tips on Building a strong thesis statement

Legit Essay Helper tips on Building a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement is direct and in one statement. It often comes after briefly introducing your topic. It states the writer’s point of view on the topic. It is therefore in order to conclude that it summarizes the argument the writer will make in the whole paper. Legit essay helpers agree that a strong thesis statement should meet the following:

  • Guides reader on what expectation is to be met from the paper.
  • The writer communicates to readers how the importance of subject matter being discussed will be interpreted.
  • Makes a disputable claim.
  • Usually a one sentence mostly at the end of the first paragraph.

essay A strong thesis is as a result of deep critical thinking. If you have enough time consult your instructor or the student writing center to get some opinions on it. Evaluating your thesis alone is not enough. However there are some several questions to ask yourself during the review:

  • Have I answered the question? After finishing making your thesis read the question again to check if it is in line with the question.
  • Is the position that I have taken challengeable or opposable by others?You should make an argument rather than just making a summary. Facts stated should give room for disagreement.
  • Have I made my thesis statement to be specific enough? Try to make your thesis more specific so that it can make a strong argument. Avoid general statements but rather use more specific words.
  • Does my thesis offer clarification? Avoid a thesis that make a reader ask themselves questions like “so what?” there should proper clarification of issues.
  • Is my thesis and essay in harmony? My thesis and essay body should be in total harmony. If they are not in harmony one of them must be changed. Do not get tired of revising your work.
  • Is my thesis too much open-ended and does not guide the reader well? The reader should not ask themselves questions like “How or why is something like that?” Ensure you add all the necessary information so that your reader can is well guided on your position from the beginning.

As you are in the writing process, your topic can change. This calls for a revision of the thesis statement so that it can be in line with the paper’s discussion. Specific evidence support is necessary to make your thesis strong and argumentative enough.

How to come up with impressive math & journalism Assignments

How to come up with impressive math & journalism Assignments

Journalism is one of the most enjoyable courses students pursue in college especially those who love writing and interacting with others. Just like any other course, exams and assignments are part of the course work. Students respond to journalism assignments differently. Some find doing assignments enjoyable while others especially the lazy ones find it as a long, tiring and stressing task. They should consider buying math homework writing services.

Students can seek the services of homework writing companies available online. The beauty of these companies is that they have competent writers able to assist you in a professional manner. Most of the writers are native English speaking writers, and have expertise in all academic fields including journalism. The assignment has no plagiarism and they work round-the-clock to offer you the support you need. Since journalism has changed over time, so has the way students complete their journalism assignments. They now seek services of professional writers instead of doing everything on their own which can be overwhelming at times. However complains have started to arise that delegating the homework online is a form of cheating. Others think that it is no different with consulting lectures and senior students who have taken the class before you.

635898975639098870-576976519_journalismA student with a good knowledge of English always has an impressive assignment. He/she employs proper use of words, well spelt and punctuated and also proper sentence structure. Should also have a wide knowledge on the journalism field and also general knowledge of things. The student should possess good observational skills in cases where the assignment involved some field work. The student should also be a persistent writer.by that I mean, he or she can write the assignment over and over again until it turns out perfect. Your audience deserves the best. The percentage of effort or hard work you put into the assignment will reflect in the final paper. Writing is a skill gained with hard work and patience. Remember most writers are made not born.

After completing the assignment, it is also wise to seek a second opinion from a classmate, friend or relative before submitting it. They may shed light on areas that need better explanation to enhance understanding. Through this interaction other ideas may pop up and would help a great deal if included in the assignment. Be sure to follow the paper instructions to the letter. This ensure that you do not deviate from the original objective the paper is meant to achieve.

College Essay and Lab Reports Writing Site

College Essay and Lab Reports Writing Site

A college student in biology, physics as well as the chemistry department comprehends the importance of the lab report. The students are required to carry out a lot of tasks and familiarize themselves with the terminologies and writing interesting as well as useful reports. Most of the students view writing lab reports as a tedious task and often buy aid from an essay writer. It is fact that coming up with a lab report is time consuming as one is required to present an accurate data. If you are among the students who face challenges in lab report, you should have a smile on your face since we offer lab writing help. If you the one who is always having hard times when writing a lab report, you might be interested in an expert writing service to help you.

essay writerIf you have been encountering difficulties in this field, you should at least have a smile since you have a reliable college lab reports writing the site. It is worthy to note that lab report writing constitutes significant marks of the overall marks you will be awarded at the end of the course. You, therefore, need to buy cheap custom lab reports in order get very high marks in lab report writing to guarantee you an A+ in your chemistry paper, physics paper, engineering paper, biochemistry paper or nursing paper. In the college level, after gaining the knowledge on how to conduct the experiments in the laboratory, the students are required present their using the required citation format. The students who do not understand the experiments that they have carried out, it are difficult for them to come up with good reports. We are dignified to offer college lab report writing help.

Provided you are ac student but you are not able to come up with the lab report, our team of professional lab report writers are able to write a quality lab report that will earn you good marks at cheap and affordable price. At Genius homework help, you don’t have to stress yourself in writing report papers such as Chemistry, Physics or Biology. When you get help from our lab report writing company, you can be guaranteed of scoring high marks. Once you allow our experts to help you, there is assurance of maintaining a good reputation to the instructors or the professors.

We render the best custom college lab report writing services. We offer lab research paper a touch that can be described as personal to prevent similarities which can penalized by the professors. If you are looking for professional UK lab report writer then you are not lost since we have skilled writers with vast experience from the countries such as USA and UK. Our team provides quality essay services with the aim of satisfying the clients. All the lab papers that we provide are 100% original.

Dealing with tons of assignments

Dealing with tons of assignments

It’s very common for every instructor to dish out assignments. Sometimes students find themselves loaded with tons of assignments in the different courses they take. It therefore becomes quite challenging for them to handle all the assignments. This phenomenon is causing many students to seek essay writing service to complete their assignments.

These assignments are very useful to students as they are used by instructors to assess the understanding of the students in the course. They are also used while compiling the grades. It’s therefore important that students deal with their assignments with a lot of seriousness. When dealing with tons of assignments, it’s important that one plan well on how to tackle them as failing to plan will cause great failure.


Why it’s so challenging dealing with tons of assignments

Many students find it challenging dealing with tons of assignments mainly because they fail to plan well on the tasks. Other reasons are:
• Limited time
Sometimes different instructors issue their assignments at the same time. This results to the student being loaded with a lot of work to tackle yet the time is constant. Without a good time plan, it becomes extremely difficult for one to complete all the work. The limited time even makes it difficult to seek enough help where one is facing challenges.

stress statistics
• Complex assignments
Some of the assignments are quite complex and require a lot of information which the student might not possess at the time. With the limited time allowed for tackling these assignments, it becomes difficult to handle the work due to lack of information. Some of these assignments require help and if a student is not in a position to acquire help, he/she ends up failing to tackle the assignments well.

How to deal with these challenges

• Manage your time wisely
If you manage your time wisely, it becomes easier to handle all the assignments. This can be done by formulating a personal timetable to help you allocate certain amount of time for each assignment. You should also allocate small breaks after you complete each assignment. This timetable should be strictly followed to ensure maximum utilization of your time.
You should also start your assignments early enough to ensure you have enough time to tackle all of them.
• Be a serious student
Being a serious student implies that you know what to do, when and how to do it. Being attentive in class helps a lot. In fact, it makes it easy for one to understand the concepts easily. It becomes easy for one to revise. This revision should be done constantly to ensure that the information sticks. This helps a lot while dealing with assignments.
Seeking help where you find challenges is very important. You can seek help from fellow students, your instructor or even an online tutor. This is not as having others do your assignments for you. You seek help you do not understand and compile the information with the rest of your assignments. Don’t struggle trying to tackle challenging assignment on your as you may end up writing irrelevant things.

There is a video that has more information on this topic

Essay versus Research paper

Essay versus Research paper

Essays and research papers may be confused as they might appear similar to some people. However, they have very many differences which one should consider so as not to end up writing an essay instead of a research paper or vice versa.

Essays are short, usually five paragraphs or more but not very long, as compared to research papers which can be over eight pages long.

An essay doesn’t really require clear understanding of the topic but the research paper does. The phrase ‘essay versus research paper’ does not only outline the differences but also the similarities of the two.



There exists several types of essays. For example: argumentative essays, analytical essays, expository essays, narrative essays, descriptive essays, compare and contrast essay and many more.

These essay are part of the assessment for particular courses just as research papers are. They require critical thinking when writing as the writer has to think critically on the topic so as to come up with a good essay.

Critical thinking in this case helps the writer to analyze the information on the topic.

In most cases, these essays require the writer’s point of view unlike the research papers where the focus is mainly on the research carried out.


Research paper

The research paper is extensively researched and requires more time to write as compared to the essay.

It is more detailed and therefore long, about eight pages or more. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the topic. In the research paper, the focus is usually on other people’s point of view as opposed to the essay where the writer focuses on their point of view.

This is mainly because the information passed in a research paper is a product of the research conducted by the writer and therefore not really original.

For example, writer can incorporate information like statistical data and analyses in the research paper where he/she can use critical thinking skills to interpret the data.

After successfully researching on the topic, the writer has to compile all the information in the research paper and present his/her point of view in the conclusion.

Essay versus research paper: comparison

The two forms of writing have a lot of similarities which we cannot ignore.

These similarities may end up confusing people who may end up writing an essay instead of a research paper or vice versa. These similarities are:

  • Both require critical thinking skills

The writer has to apply critical thinking in the two forms even though the research paper requires more application of critical thinking.

This is due to the depth of the research undertaken. The application of these skills is necessary in analyzing the information available and coming up with a good conclusion.

  • Both contain the introduction, body and conclusion

The structure of the two is quite similar even though the body of a research paper is quite long as compared to that of the essay.

  • The writer has to give their point of view in the conclusion

In the essay, the writer gives his/her point of view based on the opinions passed in the body of the essay.

Therefore, the conclusion is mainly based on the opinions of the writer. In the research paper, the writer gives their point of view based on the researched information.


Essay versus research paper: differences

Despite the two having similarities, there are many differences which one can use to differentiate them. These differences are:

  • The length

The essay paper is short, usually five paragraphs, as compared to the research paper which is usually not less than eight pages long.

  • Views expressed

The views addressed in an essay are usually the opinions of the writer while in a research paper, the writer expresses the views of others based on the information researched while still incorporating their opinions.

  • Amount of research required

Research paper as the name suggests have to be a product of a research. The writer therefore has to apply critical thinking skills to analyze the findings of the research. Little or no research is required for the essay. One con come up with an essay without undertaking any research.

  • Time taken writing

A research paper usually consumes a lot of time before finally concluding, can even take months.

This is due to the extensive research required. On the other hand, an essays due to their short nature and little or no research is required, they take little time. It can even take an hour to come up with an essay.