Legit Essay Helper tips on Building a strong thesis statement

Legit Essay Helper tips on Building a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement is direct and in one statement. It often comes after briefly introducing your topic. It states the writer’s point of view on the topic. It is therefore in order to conclude that it summarizes the argument the writer will make in the whole paper. Legit essay helpers agree that a strong thesis statement should meet the following:

  • Guides reader on what expectation is to be met from the paper.
  • The writer communicates to readers how the importance of subject matter being discussed will be interpreted.
  • Makes a disputable claim.
  • Usually a one sentence mostly at the end of the first paragraph.

essay A strong thesis is as a result of deep critical thinking. If you have enough time consult your instructor or the student writing center to get some opinions on it. Evaluating your thesis alone is not enough. However there are some several questions to ask yourself during the review:

  • Have I answered the question? After finishing making your thesis read the question again to check if it is in line with the question.
  • Is the position that I have taken challengeable or opposable by others?You should make an argument rather than just making a summary. Facts stated should give room for disagreement.
  • Have I made my thesis statement to be specific enough? Try to make your thesis more specific so that it can make a strong argument. Avoid general statements but rather use more specific words.
  • Does my thesis offer clarification? Avoid a thesis that make a reader ask themselves questions like “so what?” there should proper clarification of issues.
  • Is my thesis and essay in harmony? My thesis and essay body should be in total harmony. If they are not in harmony one of them must be changed. Do not get tired of revising your work.
  • Is my thesis too much open-ended and does not guide the reader well? The reader should not ask themselves questions like “How or why is something like that?” Ensure you add all the necessary information so that your reader can is well guided on your position from the beginning.

As you are in the writing process, your topic can change. This calls for a revision of the thesis statement so that it can be in line with the paper’s discussion. Specific evidence support is necessary to make your thesis strong and argumentative enough.